What Games Does Bungie Own?

Have you ever wondered “What Games Does Bungie Own?” and wondered what the future holds for the company? If so, read on to learn more about Destiny and “Matter”. We also look at Bungie’s legacy games, including Halo 2 and the Marathon franchise. Bungie was founded in 1991 by Alex Seropian and Jason Jones, and its history is as diverse as its gaming universe. However, its most popular games are Halo 2 and Destiny, so let’s look at some of their other games.


It is unclear if Sony will continue to own Bungie, the developer of the first-person shooter Destiny. Sony acquired Bungie for $3.6 billion last year. Though Sony has been promoting the game as a “multiplatform” title, there have been reports of harassment and toxic content. Sony’s decision to close the studio has also raised questions about the future of the Halo franchise. However, Bungie is expected to continue to create games as a subsidiary.

The PlayStation is focused on experiences, while Microsoft has moved into video games as a service (VGAs). However, Sony has been slowly building up its library of first-party titles by buying prestige developers like Bungie. It also recently bought Housemarque and Insomniac Games. In addition to Destiny, Sony is developing another video game unrelated to the Destiny franchise. Its recent acquisition of Bungie will help Sony compete with Microsoft in the video game market.

The deal between Sony and Bungie was a win-win situation for both companies. While Bungie previously had a close relationship with Microsoft, it broke away in 2007 to pursue an independent business model. It later signed a 10-year publishing deal with Activision, which released Destiny in 2014.


Do Bungie’s games matter? The publisher hasn’t revealed much about Matter, but we can assume it will be a new IP. Bungie has said it plans to release new IPs and games by 2025, which is still a long way away. Still, the studio has teased fans with hints about what new games will be coming. Here are the best theories to help us figure out what’s next for Bungie.

It’s still unclear what the game will be, but we can see hints that it might be the next Destiny game. The developer has trademarked the word Matter, and it’s likely to be the next game in the series. Despite the fact that the game won’t be released until 2025, Bungie has had time to build its team and develop early components. We may see Matter reveal itself in 2022 or 2023, if the developers are serious about the franchise.

The developers have been busy developing the next installment of their Destiny franchise. On the eve of the release of Shadowkeep, Bungie confirmed its plans to release a new title in the series. It also filed a trademark for the name “Matter” (presumably the working title of the new game). The trademark is already being challenged by a French game maker, Matters. This suggests that the new game will have a hero-centric focus.

Halo 2

Recently, Sony announced its plan to buy Bungie, the studio behind Halo and the Destiny games. The acquisition will make Bungie a part of Sony’s portfolio, but fans are still curious about how the deal will affect the Halo games they already own. This article will take a closer look at the deal. Below, we’ll cover the benefits and drawbacks of the new ownership. As with any acquisition, the deal is going to have some ups and downs.

In the early 2000s, Bungie formed a partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft purchased Bungie while it was developing the first game. When Bungie and Microsoft parted ways in 2007, Microsoft acquired the studio and its rights to the Halo games. Microsoft also created an in-house studio called 343 Industries to continue developing the Halo games. As such, the chances of Halo being developed for PlayStation are just as slim as before Sony bought Bungie.

After a successful launch, the sequels were a huge success. In fact, the first two Halo games were so popular that Bungie’s own Halo universe is now the biggest gaming empire in history. Bungie also uses the number seven often, as evidenced by the 7th Column fan club. The name Deimos is a nod to the Marathon colony ship, which was discovered in 1877 and photographed in 1977.

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