Bayonetta 3 Masquerade Edition – what should you need

Nintendo has announced a new physical version of Bayonetta 3 – the Trinity Masquerade Edition – for sale on October 28. This version features a physical copy of the game, along with a bundle of extra features. To find out more about this edition, read on. Here, we’ll cover the pre-order process, the Artbook, and Characters. We’ll also look at the Switch cartridge case.


The game’s new trailer reveals a whole coven of demons. One such demon is the Demon Masquerade, which allows players to channel their weapon’s demonic powers for intense combat. In the game, players will control Viola, a witch-in-training accompanied by a feline demon companion named Cheshire. The trailer also reveals what Bayonetta can expect in the upcoming sequel.

To pre-order Bayonetta 3, head over to the official Nintendo website and start searching for the game’s pre-order edition. GameStop is one of the few places that offers the Trinity Masquerade Edition, and it’s $5. It is not yet listed on the official GameStop website, but more stores will offer it in the coming weeks. Once you find it, don’t forget to check back later as more stores start offering the special edition.

Bayonetta 3 will be released on October 28, 2022 for the Switch. This limited edition game package will feature a full-colour art book and panoramic artwork. The special edition of Bayonetta 3 will be available on select retailers and My Nintendo Store. The Bayonetta 3 Masquerade Edition is expected to be available on 10/28. This game is an action-packed, sexy action-platformer with a powerful sexy heroine.


If you’re interested in collecting rare items for the Bayonetta franchise, you might be interested in purchasing the Trinity Masquerade Edition of Bayonetta 3. The edition will feature three reversible game sleeves, each representing a different title in the Bayonetta series. These reversible sleeves will combine into a panorama-style artwork. Nintendo recently revealed a physical Bayonetta 1 game edition for the Nintendo Switch, and the 200-page artbook will be one of the many cool extras for this game.

The Trinity Masquerade Edition comes with a 200-page artbook that contains original concept artwork and promotional material. The game cases themselves are made of a panoramic art style. The art book can also be flipped through and flipped to reveal a panorama of Bayonetta’s world. Nintendo confirmed the physical release of Bayonetta 3 on September 30, 2022. There is no pre-order date, but fans can expect the game to be available soon.

Switch cartridge case

If you’re looking for a great gift for a Nintendo fan, you can’t go wrong with the Bayonetta 3 Masquerade Edition. This exclusive pack will come with a 200-page art book and three reversible game cases. The three game cases will represent different Bayonetta games, and together they will form a panoramic work. The game itself will launch on the Nintendo Switch on October 28.

Nintendo has just revealed a new Bayonetta 3 trailer and the release date for the game. The game will be available for Switch on October 28 and Platinum Games has announced a new physical release of the original Bayonetta game. This will link the two games together and will only be available in limited quantities. The Bayonetta trilogy is set to release on October 28 for the Switch, so if you’ve been waiting for this game, get it now!


The Bayonetta 3 Masquerade Edition will include a 200-page art book, a game case set, and a witch, Viola. The game will also feature a special edition featuring a panoramic artwork, a 200-page art book, and three game cases. Bayonetta will also receive a bonus character, Viola, who is a witch-in-training.

The physical collector’s edition of Bayonetta 3 will include a special 200-page art book and sleeve artwork. The game will also get a physical release of Bayonetta 1, which previously was only available as a digital download for the Nintendo Switch. This physical release is scheduled to launch on September 30, the same day Bayonetta 3 launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. The game’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are also available.

The Switch version of Bayonetta 3 is a multi-language game with a Japanese release. The game is also region-free and works on both consoles and PCs. You can get it now if you’re looking for a limited edition. Alternatively, you can buy the game online and download it later. This way, you can play Bayonetta 3 whenever you’d like.

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