Pakpal Reviews – Is Pakpal Really Legitimate?

If you’re looking for a new website to use for your online shopping needs, you may want to check out Pakpal. It accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Apple Pay and offers a 30-day return policy. However, it’s still early days and scammers are quick to strike. Moreover, Pakpal has a low trust rating, which makes it difficult to determine if the site is legitimate or not.

Pakpal is a brand new website

Pakpal is a new website that has only been on the Internet for a few days. Their website is not linked to any social media platforms or pages, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not legitimate. However, some of their policies may not be legitimate. While they are not as good as others, Pakpal does have some positive points.

For example, they allow you to return your purchase within 30 days. Moreover, they have a customer care number that you can call to inquire about a product or service. The website also has a list of the terms and conditions for returning or exchanging an item. You can also use the site’s order tracking service to track your packages.

It accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Apple Pay

Several online payment services support Apple Pay. These include Apple Pay, AfterPay, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. A prepaid gift card is also available. These cards can be used to make payments online and in stores. While Apple Pay is becoming widely supported by online merchants, not all participating banks are on board. You should contact your bank for more details.

Apple Pay is one of several bids to reinvent the purchasing process. While it’s still early days for Wallet-less payment, the technology has a high potential for adoption. However, it must find a way to gain retailer support and become the new standard. The Apple Pay app is currently accepted by 67 retail chains in the US, and 14 more are on the way. Not every store accepts Apple Pay, and a point-of-sale system must be compatible with Apple Pay to accept it.

Pakpal is compatible with most Apple Pay devices. Users can add their Discover card on supported iPhones and iPads to make payments. Then, they can add the credit card number and related information manually. This ensures that sensitive information is secure. The Discover card number does not remain stored on the device. Users can generate a one-time code to make transactions more secure.

It doesn’t have social media links

It is hard to tell if Pakpal is legitimate when it doesn’t have social media links or a trust rating above two percent. Also, the website has a low Alexa rank and has received some negative reviews on other websites. Furthermore, the website is fairly new and has been on the internet for less than six months. As a result, it’s still a bit risky as scammers are quick to attack new websites. Despite these concerns, Pakpal offers a good selection of watches and also offers an excellent return policy.

FAQ ABOUT Pakpal Reviews

  • Contact Number – +1 (201) 430-5199.
  • Company Address – Pakpal, Blue Eye, Missouri USA.
  • Domain Age – 25/08/2022.
  • URL :
  • Email Address –
  • Customer Reviews – Not Available
  • Payment Methods – Not Available
  • Products available – Not Available
  • Social Media Connection: Pakpal is not associated with any social media platform, page, or platform.
  • Shipping Policy:  3-4 days.
  •  Return and Refund Policy:  30 days.
  • Contact Number –  +1 (201) 430-5199.
  • Company Address –  Pakpal, Blue Eye, Missouri USA.
  • Domain Age – 25/08/2022.

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