LG C1 OLED Vs LG CX OLED-what should you need

When it comes to price and build quality, the LG C1 and LGCX are very similar. The C1 series features a larger 83-inch model, while the CX series features the latest version of WebOS and Game Optimizer settings. The C1 and CX OLED TVs both offer similar features, design, and built quality. However, the CX OLED is a better choice for gamers. Despite the differences between the two, the C1 series still offers excellent value.


When it comes to the cost of a new TV, the LG C1 and the LG-branded CX are a close match. Both are top-tier screens and offer 4K Ultra HD technology. Although the C1 is less expensive than its CX counterpart, the latter’s cost is approximately 10 percent more than its C1 counterpart. The CX has an edge in overall performance and price, but its predecessor has a longer history of ongoing support.

The LG C1 has a panel with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, while the CX has an 80-Hz panel. However, the A1 is much more affordable, and comes in sizes from 48 to 77 inches. The A1 is not as bright as the C1, but it still boasts the same high-quality panel and pure blacks. The A1 also has superior viewing angles, making it a great choice for those who don’t want a 77-inch screen.

The C1 uses a newer version of webOS (6.0), with a full-page home screen and a redesigned magic remote. Freeview Play is back too, so you can watch catch-up services and navigate through the EPG with ease. The LG CX is an excellent value for money, but it doesn’t offer all the benefits of an expensive OLED TV. The LG CX is one of the best-value OLED TVs, and comes with plenty of useful features.

The CX OLED will be available in multiple designs in 2021. Both will have a slim design and be similar in terms of price. However, the C1’s design is more minimalist. A narrow metal plate surrounds the screen and a hidden LG logo. The bottom portion of the C1 will have a wider area for the guts and inputs. They are both great TVs, but which one do you prefer?

The C1’s picture modes are not as extensive as the CX’s. It offers a Filmmaker Mode that turns off the soap opera effect. There are other modes for watching films and videos, but they’re less useful. Moreover, the CX supports the latest HDR technology. Its features are also better suited for video game players. Lastly, the LG CX OLED features a number of other advantages that make it the better choice for gamers.

The sound of both televisions is similar, but they don’t match the sound quality of the BX. Its speakers use two woofers and downward-firing speakers with 10W of power each. This results in decent sound quality. The CX also supports Dolby Atmos decoding, which creates greater immersion in the sound. It also supports AI-enhanced processing, which improves audio quality and clarity.

The LG C1 OLED is promoted as a successor to the LG CX OLED. While both TVs share similar design features, the C1 has a few unique features. The C1 uses the same OLED panel technology as the CX. Its OLED pixels emit light, and unlike LCD TVs, OLED panels don’t produce heat or glare. However, both TVs have an excellent color accuracy and a good range of brightness.


The LG C1 and the LG OLED are two of the most popular TVs on the market. While the CX costs a few dollars more, the C1 is a better choice if you are looking for a more premium television. While both TVs have similar features, the CX OLED has higher contrast and better black levels. The CX has a similar design and speaker quality, but is slightly more expensive. Both models have good reviews, so take the time to compare the two models to see which one is best for you.

The C1 has the largest selection of sizes, making it a better choice for small rooms and larger ones alike. This makes the C1 a better deal overall. You can also choose between four different models: the OLED47C1, the C1 OLED 55-inch, the LG OLED65-CX, and the LG OLED77CX. All of these options will fit your budget, so you’ll be able to find the perfect size for your room.

The LG A1 OLED offers similar sound quality, but doesn’t support Dolby Atmos. Sony’s new technology, called “AI Sound Pro,” lets the television adjust audio dynamically and suggest new settings based on the user’s habits. The CX OLED has a 40W Dolby Atmos sound system, but the A1 uses only two.

The LG C1 features a downward-firing soundbar with two woofers. The speakers use 10W each and provide decent sonic performance. The C1’s speakers support Dolby Atmos decoding, which provides a better immersive sound experience. An AI processor also analyzes audio signals to improve regular soundtracks. However, the C1 is far from the best soundbar.

The LG C1 and LG CX OLED are nearly identical in design. They have similar screens and pedestal stands. The C1 has a thinner bezel than the CX does, and the CX has a deeper bottom panel. In addition to the identical speakers, both OLED TVs have similar features. The CX OLED lacks Freeview Play and major UK app updates, but it is the best choice for those looking for the most affordable TV.

The C1 offers more improvements over the CX. The CX OLED also has a better camera, but the C1 has superior sound quality. The C1 is only a few dollars more, so it is a better buy if you are a gamer or an LG CX owner. The CX is a newer device and LG can reasonably expect it to be supported for longer.

Although the LG C1 and CX both have good speakers, the CX has a slightly better set than the C1. The sound is also cleaner and more spacious, and the CX supports Dolby Atmos for even more surround sound. But the CX is less exciting and punchy compared to the CX. Hopefully the next model will combine both smoothness and excitement in a better package.


LG has two popular OLED panels in its line-up: the LG A1 and LG C1. Both are priced similarly, but there are some differences that should be taken into account. The C1 offers better picture processing and color contrast than the CX. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide how you want to use your device. For example, if you plan to use it for gaming, you’ll probably want to go with the CX. However, if you’re more interested in viewing high-quality movies and playing games, the C1 may be the better choice.

The price of the LG C1 is less than half of the cost of the CX, but both have a great display. The C1’s screen is 83-inches. It has a slim bezel around the edges, while the CX’s is a little deeper at the bottom. The CX’s bottom panel contains its speakers and connections. Both screens have HDR10, so the picture quality is very dynamic.

As far as price goes, the LG C1 is slightly cheaper than the LG OLED CX right now, although the CX may be cheaper after a year’s time. But once the C2 hits the market, the C1 will be a better deal overall. And even though the CX is a newer model, it still costs 10 percent less than the C1.

The LG C1 OLED is still one of the most popular OLED televisions, and is popular with console gamers and everyday content consumers. However, the C2 has some improvements that rival the C1 in gaming performance. In addition to the LG CX OLED, the C1 also has a new Game Optimizer menu that will make gaming even better. The new menu will include a host of features for a perfect gaming experience.

The LG C1 OLED starts at just $1,499 for the 48-inch version, and rises to $2,499 for a 65-inch model. The CX OLED starts at $3,799 for a 77-inch model. Once the C2 OLED hits the market, however, prices will likely fall. Until then, both of these screens are very attractive.

The CX OLED offers the same picture quality, but the C1 has better contrast and shadow detail. The C1 is similar to the CX in that regard, but it has better color rendering than the TCL. The C1 is bright enough to be seen in most conditions, but it’s not nearly as bright as the CX. Both TVs also feature the same type of Advanced a9 AI processor. The CX uses the older Advanced a9 Gen3 processor while the C1 has the newer A9 Gen4.

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