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For more information on Moonhaven Reviews, check out my full list of articles. This article will cover the Starring Paul Manganiello, Set design, Character development, and Dramatic pacing. I have also included some spoiler warnings! Read on to learn more! Moonhaven is available for streaming on Apple TV+ and HBO Max. Moonhaven is directed by Antoine Fuqua, and the cast is superb.

Starring Paul Manganiello

The next Marvel movie will feature the acclaimed actor in the lead role. Marvel is bringing Manganiello back for the role of Tomm Schultz, an ex-military who becomes the right hand of Earth’s lead diplomat on the moon. However, his ambitions change after being injected with a moon drug. Manganiello joins the cast, which also includes Kadeem Hardison as the mysterious Arlo Noon, Amara Karan as the enigmatic Indira Mare, and Ayelet Zurer as a mercenary.

The movie revolves around Joe’s unlikely friendship with Pee-wee Herman. Joe Manganiello stars in the comedy Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, which premieres Friday on Netflix and in theaters in 10 cities. While the movie is a comedic satire, it also explores the nerd side of the actor. The actor is a passionate Dungeons & Dragons player. His real name is Joe Mangianello, and he was also on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Set design

The set design at Moonhaven is a brilliant example of cinematography that makes sense for the storylines. The opening sequence is an elegant and imaginative depiction of artificial intelligence sparking life on the moon. The cinematography also matches the storyline’s natural surroundings, from lush green forests to vast bodies of pristine clear water. The film also features warm weather, a touch of sophistication that is rarely seen in contemporary television.

Though the sci-fi tropes are a bit too blatant in Moonhaven, the society’s vision of the future feels resonant and plausible. The production design also makes the peaceful lunar colony seem believable. But the dialogue is overly artificial. While the Mooners have a distinct dialect and manner of speaking, it feels forced. Similarly, the Mooners’ speech is laced with made-up words and phrases that are awkward, too often sounding like the language of text.

Character development

In Moonhaven, Peter Ocko crafts a sci-fi universe that oozes subversion. Often the utopian society has an uncanny valley edge to it, with its twee characters and shady activities hiding a sinister underlying motive. The setting is alien, and the Mooners are remarkably self-absorbed, speaking in leaden dialogue and inventing compound words to express their emotions. Despite this, they are also unrelentingly smug, with a lot of snark and petty jealousy.

In the opening scenes of the series, Bella Sway, an Earther pilot, is ferried to Moonhaven by Indira Mare, a politician in the government. Both are involved in preparing for The Bridge, a project that will bring Moonhaven tech to Earth. Fortunately, Bella manages to bring the two together, and the plotline develops from there. As the series progresses, we see the repercussions of Paul’s actions.

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Dramatic pacing

If you’re interested in sci-fi with an exciting cast, Moonhaven is for you. But its slow pacing and heavy-handed dialogue make it a difficult watch. It’s also difficult to get into the story once you’ve seen the first few minutes of Moonhaven, a science fiction novel. But if you can overlook those problems, you’ll find Moonhaven an engrossing read.

While Moonhaven is an ambitious science fiction novel, it works as a simmering political thriller, apocalypse story, a detective comedy, and a sweeping chronicle of a family unit in turmoil. Despite its ambitious scope and multiple plots, its writers have maintained a consistent world thread throughout. While it’s possible to get lost in its sprawling world, Moonhaven doesn’t bog down in any single element.

The subversive spirit of Moonhaven’s creator and its rich mythology are worth exploring. Though the series occasionally loses its economic pacing, its first season is consistently full of playful twists on sci-fi tropes. While its Mooners have a unique way of speaking, their dialogue seems to be an abridgement of text-like speech. The effect is unsettling.

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