How JoinPD Can Benefit Teachers

With JoinPD, you can upload your own presentation or delegate the responsibility of generating it. Teachers can generate representative codes and track students’ responses to a presentation. Delegates can view the presentation as well as limit the student’s activities. Teachers can use a delegate’s access code to limit student activities. Once you’ve created the presentation, you can assign the delegate to monitor it. You can also assign a delegate to edit the presentation and track student responses.

Pear Deck is an add-on to Google Slides

Pear Deck is an add-on for Google Slides that makes slide presentations interactive. It requires a Google Slides presentation or an existing presentation and inserts interactive elements into the existing presentation. Pear Deck also gives you four premade slides, which you can customize as needed. This add-on lets you add your own questions and answer options to your slides. To add interactive elements, select the question type that you would like to ask your students and then insert the questions that you want them to answer.

If you use Pear Deck in your presentations, you can integrate your Google Drive and Google Apps accounts. You can create unlimited presentations on one account, but you’ll have to pay to get the premium features. Premium subscriptions include unlimited storage for your presentations on Google Drive, draggable responses, immersive reader, audio, and more. You can share your presentations with students, parents, and colleagues.

It Allows Students to Interact with Teacher Presentations

Pear Deck is an online tool that allows students to participate in interactive teacher presentations and lessons. Students login using a unique access code and see both the main presentation screen and their own personal device. To engage in student discussion, students type or draw on the student’s screen. To protect the privacy of students, the program hides their names. It also allows students to respond to questions anonymously. Pear Deck helps teachers create interactive lessons and presentations that will engage students in discussions.

Pear Deck combines the power of PowerPoint with the social aspect of online learning. The application allows teachers to include animations, videos, and audio in their presentations, as well as customize the questions. Students can also download the presentation to share with others or keep as a handout for review. Pear Deck is perfect for integrating teacher presentations into online, hybrid, or face-to-face lessons. This interactive software makes it easy for students to learn and remember concepts.

It is a Free Service for Teachers and Sudents

Google Classroom is a platform based on Google Drive that enables collaboration among students and teachers. The service provides a digital portfolio where students can share work with the rest of their group. Students can work asynchronously in the cloud, and teachers can create shared folders for them. Similarly, Five Card Flickr allows students to share photographs with each other, and feedback can be given via email. Moreover, students can use Flickr tags and rename photos to give them a personalized touch.

It Develops a Positive Attitude in Students Towards learning

Positive thinking is beneficial to students in several ways. Positive thinking improves student wellbeing, improves the immune system, and influences the learning abilities. It helps students stay calm and focus, a key component of success. It also helps students feel more satisfied with learning and the educational system. Students who are motivated to learn are likely to perform better in school. The following are some ways in which positive thinking benefits students.

Setting clear learning goals helps students develop motivation. By tracking progress, students are more likely to complete tasks and achieve their goals. The process of setting goals also improves self-regulation and performance. It also prevents students from giving up too easily and from getting discouraged too easily. By focusing on positive thinking, students are able to stay motivated, despite challenging circumstances. Learning is made easier if students can identify with and feel the positive side of life.

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