Special Features of Virtual Tv Fest 2021 v4 : What You Need to Know

You’ll want to check out some of the special features that make VirtualTvFest2021v4 so special. We have articles about the Geeked Week, the Ones to Watch, and more. And we’ll have some interviews with celebrities that have made the festival one of the most memorable in its history. And don’t forget to check out the Pitch It! package and the Celebrities.

Geeked Week

As the world becomes more obsessed with streaming services, Netflix is hosting an event for fans and nerds alike called “Geeked Week” at VirtualTvFest2021v4. This event will feature five days of unique themes and 60 new projects from the popular streaming service. It will also include an exciting reveal! Read on to learn more about this event. Interested in attending?

Netflix and the other major entertainment companies have begun hosting online fan events as a way to maintain control over when and how much information they reveal to their fans. In this way, Netflix has been able to launch “Geeked Week” and could expand the event to a real-life festival in the future. The first such festival is expected to take place on Saturday, June 8, 2019.

Ones to Watch

The annual “Ones to Watch at VirtualTvFest 2021v4” competition has opened for submissions. This annual event gives aspiring TV writers the chance to pitch their ideas to TV decision makers. Applications are due today. The winner will receive a free delegate pass, accommodation at the TV Festival, and access to OTW year-round events and workshops. The prize is worth $50,000!

The ATX Television Festival is pleased to announce the first wave of programming for its tenth season. The event will take place virtually from June 11 to 20, 2021. One marquee conversation is about “ZIWE,” a late-night variety show created and starring South African-born actress Ziwe. This show promises to offer a unique look at Ziwe’s rise and explore her ability to make white people uncomfortable.

Pitch It! package

If you’d like to participate in the Omni Cultural TV Fest (OCTVF) this June, you can purchase a Pitch It! package for VirtualTvFest2021v4. This is a virtual platform where you can make a pitch to industry professionals. This package will include two (2) guaranteed pitches and a submission of your release and application, along with your top five choices.


Variety today announced the programming for its third annual Virtual TV Fest. The three-day event, June 7 – 9, will feature engaging conversations with leading executives in the industry. Celebrities speaking at the event include Henry Winkler, Robin Thede, James Gunn, Jessica Biel, and Octavia Spencer. Octavia Spencer will take part in a discussion on true crime podcasting. Oscar Isaac and Ron Cephas Jones are also scheduled to appear.

Social media influencers whose following has expanded into television will be featured in virtual panels. One virtual session will focus on “TV’s Queer Pioneers,” which will feature actors who have created impacting queer characters in recent years. Panelists on the “TV as Queer” panel will feature Harvey Guillen, Mike Mills, Woody Nelson, and Cary Brownstein.

Camp Badge

If you’re a member of the Virtual TV community and have attended any of the Virtual TV Fest events, you’ve probably noticed the ‘Camp Badge’ logo floating about. This emblem, known as a “F”, represents a person who wore it during World War II. This person was often called upon to translate spoken instructions given by camp guards. There are also historical monuments and quotations based on the badge-imagery. Some of the most recognizable monuments are shaped like the triangle. Today’s pink triangle emblem represents gay rights.

The ATX TV Festival has been a virtual event for two years, and is returning to Austin for in-person programming. Next year’s festival, dubbed “TV Camp for Grown-Ups,” will offer both a virtual and in-person option, with programming from June 2-5 in downtown Austin. Ticket prices will be announced in January. Initial programming will be revealed at the festival in January.

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