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Tubby Cats Rarity | The Rarity of Tubby Cats

The TubbyCats collection includes over 20,000 exclusive, hand-crafted characters. They’re designed to support artists and spread good vibes. Each character has more than 1600 hand-crafted traits, a custom image generation algorithm, and themed gem palettes that determine its rarity. The rarity of the different Tubby Cats is determined by the theme of the character’s gem palette. In other words, you’ll be surprised by how much each character is worth!

Special Cats

A progressive reveal system is the quickest way to find a rare tubby cat. This system allows you to buy a rare NFT without having to pay the full price, allowing you to save money while maximizing your chances of getting the cat. A progressive reveal can cut the time between when the NFT is mint and when it is revealed in half. If you’re a rarity hunter, this is a great feature to have.

There are twenty thousand hand-painted and algorithmically-generated nfts called tubby cats. Of these, 69 are one-of-ones. Each of these cats has different attributes that define its rarity. The combined rarity of the various traits determines a tubby’s rarity. The first 69 of these one-of-ones were made by different artists. The remaining ones were made by the same artist.

Color palettes

The number of unique Tubby cats is based on a combination of color palettes and themes. The NFT is not generated randomly, but rather by generating each cat from a set of 120 themed palettes. Of these, 69 are one-of-a-kind, with each created by an artist from our team. Then, the artist’s rarity level is determined by which theme that cat belongs to.

Colour palettes for Tubby cats vary, ranging from vivid and strong to soft and subdued. Not all colours are suitable for the show ring, but you can find British Blues that sport tabby markings. The most striking palette is that of hazmat-wearing CL207. These cats look adorable when dressed in detective hats and lab coats. The team’s aim is to develop a more realistic and playful online community centered on the beloved tubby cats.


The collection of 20000 algorithmically generated and hand-created nfts on the Ethereum blockchain contains 69 unique one-of-ones that are based on the theme of the gen palette. These one-of-ones feature an attribute that shows the artist who created them. While it is not possible to get all of the cats, it is possible to collect as many as you like, which is fun.

Unique appearances

Tabby cats are distinguished by their distinctive “M”-shaped forehead. This marking has ancient Egyptian origins. It is said that ancient Egyptians called cats “Mau,” a reference to the sacred scarab beetle. As with tabby cats, they have distinct coloring and are usually found in multiple colors. Their unique appearances are the result of genetic abnormalities in the cat’s fur. The M on the cat’s forehead is its most recognizable feature.

The unique appearances of tubby cats are due to the fact that they are not purebred. Instead, they are created from a palette of 120 color variations. There are also 69 one-of-a-kind cats, created by different artists. However, these cats are not necessarily rare. The names of these cats may not be canon. They are available to download using developer tools. Here are some tips for identifying these cats.

Non-fungible tokens

The first whitelist of the NFT collection of Tubby Cats was launched on Feb. 21 at 12PM EST and will run for 48 hours. The tokens will be made available to the public, however, and the cheapest is currently selling for 0.79 ETH. As of writing, a single Tubby Cat is worth $2,073. On Twitter, the enthusiasm for the new NFT has already spread, with one user, known as hentai avenger, noting that the tokens are becoming wildly popular.

The underlying technology behind non-fungible tokens is the blockchain, an open source distributed ledger that records transactions and ownership of digital assets. Tokens based on blockchain are similar to physical goods, but they are not interchangeable. The blockchain allows non-fungible items to be sold or bought, making them modern-day collectibles. They can also be used to purchase unique art and other products, such as virtual trading cards.

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