Plantatreeco Reviews : Is Plantatreeco Legit?

Are the claims of plant a tree company true? Is this company legit and how can you trust them? Read on for my Plantatreeco review. This site was launched on the 25th of May 2019, and has gained a lot of attention for its innovative concept. You won’t find the company’s owner or contact details on their website, so it’s easy to see why their trust index is at 60% or lower.

Plant a Tree Co.

Instagram is a thriving place to make goodwill connections, and one social media user has tapped into this trend with Plant A Tree Co. In an effort to generate attention and money for its forest-gardening initiatives, the company has been promoting its fundraisers by using slick graphics and creative writing. In 2019, the company shared a photo of a kangaroo that was deleted during Australia’s bushfires, and promised to plant 100 trees for every re-share of the kangaroo pic. This post received over 2 million likes, but Plant A Tree Co. has not responded to requests for comment.

The company claims to plant trees around the world, and has a goal of raising US$1.3 million for the cause. While this may be great news for some, it is worth noting that the costs involved in planting a tree are substantial. In fact, the company claims to plant at least six hundred trees per person, with most of the costs included in the price of the seeds and labour. While the company has made some progress toward its goal, the company’s website is short on details about its staff and vision.

Plant a Tree Co.’s reputation

The Instagram account of Plant a Tree Co. has been gaining popularity since 2020, when the company promised to plant 100 trees for every repost of a deleted picture. It had several stories up when bushfires swept Australia, gaining thousands of followers. By late last year, the company’s account was on top of the news and a picture posted of a tree planter had over two million likes.

While the company’s website claims it has planted thousands of trees worldwide, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding its operations. It’s unclear who runs the company, and how the tree-planting system works. The company did not respond to requests for an interview. However, several recent articles have shed more light on the company’s shady reputation. While we’ll explore this further in the coming weeks, it’s worth considering the following factors before deciding whether to donate to Plant a Tree Co.

Plant a Tree Co.’s claims to plant 1 million trees

If you follow the official account of the nonprofit plant-a-tree organization, you’ve likely seen its claim that it has planted over six thousand trees. However, the organization has since retracted this claim and pointed users to its fundraiser or products instead. However, a skeptic might question whether the company is indeed a scam. If so, you’re not alone. Many people have been suspicious of this nonprofit for some time.

The company’s claims are suspect and based on a common drop-shipping scam. Consumers are essentially duped into thinking that the products they purchase are free, while they pay exorbitant shipping charges. Furthermore, Plant a Tree Co. has failed to provide proof of where the money from purchases goes or whether the trees are actually planted. To further complicate matters, the company doesn’t provide any contact information for its buyers.

Plant a Tree Co.’s social media icons

It’s unclear whether you can support Plant A Tree Co. by purchasing its products or following their social media accounts. Although they claim to be an environmental movement, there is some evidence to suggest otherwise. This report will explore the company’s social media accounts and find out what customers are saying about the company’s products. The company has recently updated their website and removed many of its jewellery items. The company’s social media icons reflect its new focus on social justice and the money raised.

The company is currently raising money on social media to help communities plant trees in need. While the company says that all of its sales proceeds go towards planting trees, this does not seem entirely transparent. The company claims to have planted over six thousand trees and plans to reach a million by 2021. It’s unclear where the trees have been planted and how many people have purchased the necklaces. The company doesn’t specify where and when the trees were planted. In addition, the company has not provided much information about the company’s staff and vision.

Plant a Tree Co.’s lack of transparency

A recent revamp of the Plant a Tree Co.’s website emphasizes the money raised for social justice causes. The company has also removed its jewellery from sale. To enter the site, users must agree to abide by the company’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By doing so, they agree to receive marketing promotions, advertisements, and sponsored content. While this might sound like a good thing, it does not go far enough. The company has also previously been at the center of Instagram whirlwinds.

In a recent social media post, the company claimed to plant 100 trees if users liked the post. The post ended up gaining over a million likes, but Plant A Tree Co. subsequently deleted the post. While this isn’t a new trend for the company, similar sharing schemes have emerged during the Australian and Amazon wildfires. The company also claimed to donate the proceeds to firefighter charities, but in reality, their funds went to plant more trees.

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