Orbeas Urrun Long-Distance Electric Mountain Bike

Orbeas’ proprietary RS-tuned motor is the key to the Urrun’s impressive range, and it weighs the same as a standard Shimano EP8 motor, allowing  Orbeas Urrun Long-Distance Electric Mountain Bike it to be lighter than its predecessor. The Urrun is also available with an optional range-extending battery (EUR499), which weighs 1.4 kilograms and slots onto a water bottle mount. The range of an e-bike depends on the assistance mode selected, riding style, and terrain. It also varies with rider weight and terrain.

RS tuned motor

The new Orbeas Urrun long-distance electric mountain bike is built on a triple-butted aluminum frame that’s up to 15 percent lighter than its predecessor, the Wild HT. The frame features a carbon-like finish and comes with its own motor cover. An optional water bottle mount is available for a minimal additional cost. The bike’s lithium-ion battery weighs just 1.4 kilograms.

The Urrun is equipped with an EP8-RS-tuned motor from Shimano. It was designed in collaboration with Shimano and was first used on the Orbea Rise. This new motor offers quieter, less aggressive assistance than the standard EP8 motor. A few minor changes make the Urrun more comfortable for a variety of riding styles.

The Orbea Urrun is a pedal-assist hardtail that starts at EUR3,799 or $4,299 (US). It features a ten-inch display, a Lezyne light that shines 1,000 lumens and is internally wired. In addition to the bike itself, you can buy optional accessories like a seat post and a range extender. The bike also features a range-extending battery and water bottle holder. The company’s Rider Connect program lets you reserve an Orbea and check its availability and compatibility with various accessories.

540Wh battery

The Orbeas’ 540Wh battery powers the Orbea Urrun’s e-bike’s powerful mid-drive and a downtube-integrated battery to provide an excellent power output. It is expected to provide eight hours of riding time, but battery life will depend on a variety of factors. The battery itself is not removable, so you can’t easily replace it. The bike does, however, come with a charger that’s capable of charging it for longer.

The Urrun shares its motor with the Rise H, but it’s slightly bigger. The battery is the same size as the Rise H, but Orbea claims it has a higher energy density, making it ideal for long rides. The battery fits inside the downtube, so it’s sleek and easy to transport. The Orbeas Urrun’s 540Wh battery is compatible with the Orbea Rise H, but it’s not compatible with the Rise H’s fast charger or the Rise H Range Extender.

66-degree head tube angle

The Orbeas Urrun is a long-distance electric mountain bike with geometry that is suitable for a range of conditions. Its seat angle is 74.6 degrees and its reach is conservative across the range. The top of the line model has a 120mm Fox 34 performance fork, but the Urrun is available with an array of customisation options.

The 66-degree head tube angle is suited to long-distance rides. The bike is equipped with a Shimano EP8-RS motor, but uses a proprietary RS-tuned motor for a smoother ride. Its lower peak torque means lighter drivetrain components. It costs EUR499.

Another important consideration is head tube angle. The angles of a bike’s head tube affect its handling. A steeper angle means the bike will steer faster and have better climbing capabilities. The opposite is true for a bike with a lower angle – it will steer slower but be more stable at high speeds. With the right combination of these two variables, the Orbeas Urrun can handle even the steepest trails.

Shimano EP8 mid-drive motor

The Orbeas Urrun Long-Discipline Electric Mountain Bike’s Shimano EP8 mid-drive motor is an upgrade from the previous model. The new motor’s assist algorithm is designed to tackle the toughest ascents and doesn’t waste energy on climbs you’ll never make. The new battery has a 630Wh capacity and can be recharged 1,000 times.

Like the Rise, the Orbeas Urrun is powered by a Shimano EP8 mid-drive motor. The Shimano EP8 motor is a mid-drive motor, and is detuned for extended mileage. Its quiet, powerful motor also provides the best pedal feel, which is crucial when navigating the most technical terrain.

The EP8’s intuitive control system gives you full control over its performance. The two independently adjustable profiles allow you to dial in your motor’s performance in different situations. With the E-TUBE PROJECT app, you can tune these three parameters to suit your riding style. The Shimano EP8 features a wide range of settings, from a basic flat torque level to a very high peak torque output.

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