How Bikeframes Reviews Can Help You Make a Perfect Purchase

Bikeframes come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Here are some examples: Alfa, Exploro, and Parlee. While each is designed for a specific type of rider, they all have some similarities. Parlee’s stock geometry is flexible, yet well thought out. This frame design offers riders the freedom to find the best fit.


Paragon bikeframes are made to be durable, lightweight, and comfortable. Their lightweight, alloy frame is ideal for touring, and their forks have a 100mm travel, which is good for off-road riding. They also have a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain and Bontrager rims and tyres.

Paragon bikes are made for riders who enjoy high-end components, poised designs, and superior control. They’re not overly flashy in appearance, but they speak volumes with their actions. If you want a quality bike with superior control, try a Gary Fisher Paragon 29er.


An Exploro bikeframe allows riders to customize the geometry to meet their needs. This frame is ideal for fast paved group rides. The Exploro also has an aggressive reach and 415mm chainstays. It also features various bottle mounts that allow for optimal 1 or 2-bottle setups. An Exploro’s FlipTop cable guide system prevents cables from getting in the way on steep climbs. It also has dual concentric-circle seatposts for fine-tuning.

Exploro framesets feature aero features, like Sqaero tubing, which synthesises strength, stiffness and aerofoiling properties. Unlike conventional bike frames, Exploro bikes have a smooth profile and clean aesthetics. Other features of this frameset include top-mounted seat clamps and mech hangers, a thru-axle composition, and distilled graphics and finishes.

The Exploro frame offers flexibility and affordability. It can be built for road or gravel riding. With a wide range of tyres, the Exploro is compatible with road, gravel, and 650b MTB tyres. Its high-speed capabilities also make it a winner on tough off-road trails.

The Exploro Speed Team Force weighs 1,090 grams for a medium frame, and has SRAM Force eTap AXS components. The bike’s lightweight construction allows for easy transportation, and the Exploro’s wide tires help you maneuver with speed and control. With the right accessories and components, the Exploro can easily transition to full-time road duty.

The Exploro bikeframe is available in S, M, and XL sizes. It comes with Sqaero downtube, which picks up airflow off the knobby front tire. It also features a water bottle shroud. The Exploro also offers aggressive rider geometry with a low Q-factor. Moreover, it has two attachment anchors for top tube bags.


If you’re looking for a super bike frame, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the Parlee Z-Zero bike at Wrench Science. You can customize it to your heart’s content. It can fit almost any size and type of wheels.

It has rigid joints, so you can customize the flex, which provides a smooth ride and excellent handling. The Z-Zero disc frame is similar to the rim-brake version and is fully customizable. It has bladder molded tube-to-tube construction and disc brake mounts. It can also be fitted with standard road setups.

If you want to build a custom bike, the Parlee Z-Zero is an excellent platform. The frame is lightweight and strong thanks to the exclusive molding process. It has almost no redundant material, so it’s more durable than other frames. This frame is made with certified bike nerds by Parlee.

Parlee’s Z-Zero frame is available in different sizes. The 2022-23 model can be purchased as a frameset module, which includes the frame, fork, headset, carbon bar, stem, seatpost, and bottle cages. The Z-Zero can be customized for an extra $1,000. The frame’s construction is made in a factory in Beverly, Massachusetts.

The Parlee Z-Zero is a custom frame with SRAM Red Hydro road disc brakes. Fit Werx has reviewed this frame extensively. SRAM’s latest double-tap shifting system, with Yaw design, solves the problem of the old “weak link” of SRAM road components. In addition, SRAM’s Wi-Fli rear derailleur means you can use a 32-tooth cassette.

Parlee bikes are custom or semi-custom built. The minimal amount of materials is used, resulting in a bike frame that is lightweight and strong. The frame’s carbon dropouts and bearing races add approximately 20 grams of weight. This extra weight helps make the bike more upright and comfortable for you. However, the extra height does not make the bike as aerodynamic.


Alfa bikeframes are designed and manufactured in the USA. HIA Velo, a parent company, also owns Allied Cycle Works, which manufactures its first road frame. The ALFA is a lightweight carbon fiber frame that is designed for speed and comfort. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Arkansas.

The Alfa frame uses a monocoque design instead of tube-to-tube construction. The carbon fibre is cut into lengths and then joined in moulds. Watch the video to learn more about how the frame is made. Allied also produces the fork in-house. These frames have an incredibly low weight.

In addition to a bike frame, Alfa has its own line of bicycles. This brand of bicycles was developed in collaboration with Italian automaker Compagnia Ducale, and features a unique design. The 4C IFD is a luxurious, luxury bicycle that boasts high-end performance. The name 4C stands for ‘Innovative Frame Design’, referring to the c-shaped frame tubes that are designed to reach higher speeds.

The frame is manufactured in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. It includes internal cable management and Innegra fibers for strength and safety. The frame is available in a range of finishes, including custom and personalized paint schemes. Its Naked paint model starts at $2700, and it is available in several other colors.

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