Tech Removal – How to Remove From Your PC is one of the most common browser hijackers that are targeting computer users. This browser virus is capable of reading your passwords, deploying pop-ups, and collecting sensitive information. If you have been affected by this malware, you may want to learn more about it. You can read on to learn how to remove the infection and prevent it from infecting your computer again. Read on to learn how to remove this browser hijacker from your PC.

AdminLink is a browser hijacker

AdminLink is a program or browser extension that promotes fake search engines. and often introduced through advertisements and bundled with complementary software. Once installed, this program changes browser settings and causes various redirects. It also slows down your machine. If you’re using Safari on your Mac, you should uninstall the AdminLink extension. Then, test your browsers to see if the hijacker is still present.

The AdminLink application is a browser hijacker that is designed to generate revenue for its developers. It will redirect you to fraudulent sites and collect sensitive information about your browsing habits. It also functions as adware and a data collector, as it downloads potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). This malware can open up shady web pages and even download other malware. So, you should clean out AdminLink and any other adware from your computer as soon as possible.

It collects sensitive information is a website that has been circulating on the Internet since 2015. The purpose of this application is to generate revenue for the developers by promoting a fake search engine and collecting sensitive information. It acts as a browser hijacker, adware, and a data collector. The AdminLink application can download PUAs, potentially unwanted applications, or other adware, in order to display ads that may open up dubious web pages and download PUAs.

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